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Devils tower, you hear it and you automatically think of a haunted house or a horror place. But actually no, Devils tower is a mystery. Everything is a mystery but devils tower has an interesting mystery of how it formed and the legends that Native Americans tell the other generations. Many people have different legends that have happened throughout time. Scientist, however, have many theories of how it was formed. When I first heard of Devils tower I thought it was something like the Empire state building that has been abandoned and now people have it as a place where really weird or dark things happen. The interesting part about all this is that nobody thinks is something that nature made. Nature has strange things and this could be one…show more content…
Nobody knows how devils tower was formed. Scientist are now researching to see what its components are. They have a lot of theories they just haven’t found the right one yet. Another theory is that inside it is an extinct volcano, another of many (Jason Chavis). It seems likely that it could be. The figure it has and how mysterious it is, it really could be a volcano. “Magma formed devils tower” (Carlyl Sue). More on the volcano side. It seems to me that it is most likely have to do something with a volcano because magma is part of it and the mysterious way of showing up. The monument has many mysteries and it intrigues you to keep looking. They say “even scientist are not 100 percent sure how the massive stone came to exist” (Anna hider). They call it a stone because they say it has a rock in it, what does it not have? Well, we don’t know because now they are going to start research on it. Some of the scientists say that it made up of igneous rock and it has a chunk of sedimentary rock (Carlyl Sue and Anna hider). Like everything they have a theory on they think the time that the monument came to be. Probably formed same time as the Rocky Mountains (Carlyl Sue). Quick fact, the Rocky Mountains were formed about 40 million years ago, wow! We all have to say ‘thanks’ to technology and science because if we did not have those things we would not discover any of the things that we have…show more content…
Hopefully, they can find out more about devils tower. Learning about devils tower is super interesting because it’s a mystery and everyone likes mysteries. From, magma to sedimentary rock and igneous rock scientist, piece by piece, have found what makes up the devils tower. Scientist are now saying that Devils tower is now eroding (Carlyl Sue). It is kind of sad that devils tower is eroding. Now it makes t integrin wanting to know why is this happing no, all of the sudden. It is interesting how something that nature made has been a sudden mystery to the scientist. Nature does bring some inserting things. We need Mother Nature to explain

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