Devolution Of Man Analysis

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Rickey Nelson Core 180 September 2, 2015 Explication #1 “He shook the bottle of Ibuprofen kept in the windowsill above the sink. Sounded like one, but he opened the cap to find what might be the best thing that would happen to him all day: Two Tablets.” (157) The story “The Devolution of Man” talks about a guy named Pete, who was a person that had bad luck and depression. “The three-day growth on his face was speckled with white, running up into scattered gray hairs left on his head. Started losing his hair when he quit playing ball, another thing he couldn’t get back.” (157) Pete reminds me of my cousin. For instance, my cousin Calvin was an amazing high school football star. However, after one broken leg, he feels as he has lost the future he had hoped for. Why does Pete think “Two Tablets” are the best thing that happened to him? Pete goes through a depressing early life. He is no longer able to throw a good fastball because of his torn rotator cuff. When people battle with depression, they often deal with it by finding another hobby to keep their mind off of it. Pete usually…show more content…
Pete does not like his cubical job at all. “At lunch Pete liked to go somewhere for a club sandwich…He tried to get out of the office…But today he needed a drink.” (164) Pete is still showing his depression by drinking while having his new job. Pete makes a statement saying “check back in a few. I’m about to get fired!” (166) Pete is so depressed about his job; he has pre-conceived intentions of getting fired. He returns in from lunch hung over. “Mr. McConnell. I’m sure you know why I’ve called you in here.” The drunken Pete obnoxiously has a terrible meeting with his manager, Giving sarcastic replies and answers. “First, stop excusing yourself. I’m the one with indigestion. Second, I didn’t come to work drunk. I came back from lunch drunk.” (169) Pete’s Manager eventually fires him on the
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