Devon Berry's Argumentative Essay

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A Hampton football player named Devon Berry has a disorder called cerebral palsy. He feels that if any of the players takes it easy on him, he feels like he is not a part of the team. Devon Berry also does wrestling and in his interview he has said that people have told him it could not be done. By the looks of it can be done considering he plays football and does wrestling. In football it never says if you receive any players have disabilities that you cannot play because he is a good player. My sister’s friend Lizzie told me that her little brother relinquished football because he was too afraid to tackle people. When I had heard that story I thought that it was really eerie. For instance why would you join football if you are too afraid to tackle people. Just find a different sport that does not include tackling.…show more content…
When I see football on the television it makes me think how does the helmets protect much impact, on their heads from being tackled. Is football worth losing brain cells? Well no it can protect the skull from being pulverized, but not help much with brain cells. My personal feelings about football is that it is not worth injuring yourself for devotees. In my sister’s opinion I am not allowed to like any football team except for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagle started playing for the National Football League (NFL) in nineteen thirty-three. The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl before, but have gotten into the Super Bowl before. Another name used for football is rugby as used when football was just
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