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Deewaar (1975) 1. Description Deewaar (1975) is a movie directed by one of the most famous directors of Bollywood. He was mostly known as the director of romantic films and sometimes is mentioned as a “King of Romance” in India. Moreover, he was considered to have the best sense of music in the film business across India. As you have already guessed, the name of the director was Yash Raj Chopra. In contrast to other Chopra’s movies, Deewaar is more dark and gritty and I would define its genre as the crime drama. The film tells a story of the family of the trade union’s leader Anand Verma. This man stands boldly for the rights of the wage workers, whose claims are no more than a competitive salary. However, when the time comes to argue with…show more content…
The film raises many moral issues for the audience. The acting of Amitabh Bachchan as Vijay Verma was truly tremendous; not surprising that he became one of the most famous Indian actors after this movie. The story in the movie makes you worry for the main characters and that is what today’s cinema is missing sometimes. The role of Anita played by Parveen Babi is very interesting as her heroine opposes the traditional way of an Indian woman. She falls in love with a criminal and even agrees to bear his child while not being married which is against the rules of society. In fact, I do not really like the music and the songs part in Bollywood movies, so it was a surprise to hear an English song, which perfectly fit into the context of the story, when Anita is acquainted to Vijay. The dialogs were another strong part of the movie. The ones, which included the tattoo theme and the influence of it on Vijay’s fate, were great. Overall, the film was enjoyable enough contrary to your typical Bollywood movie; however, the overacting of most actors has been present as

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