Dexter Green In The Great Gatsby

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Dexter Green is a young man that works as a caddy for pocket-money. He is a very hardworking man and a great caddy. He was such a good caddy, that Mr. Jones told him he is the “best caddy in the club, and wouldn 't he decide not to quit if Mr.Jones made it worth his while because every other – caddy in the club lost one ball a hole for him- regularly-” (Fitzgerald, 940). Dexter wants to quit caddying and become a business man but debates it in this quote because Mr. Jones thinks he is better caddy than the other ones at the club. He is also a dreamer. He dreams to be a wealthy business man and run his own business. Dexter works hard to earn money and he eventually “borrowed a thousand dollars on his college degree and his confident mouth,
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