Dexter Scene Analysis

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Looking on the film side of Dexter the TV show. Watching episodes two and three from season one. There’s significant lighting changes, camera angles, camera distance and the different lengths of a shot in both scenes. The producers change them in every scene depending on the message they want to relay to the viewers. Looking at the scene in Dexter episode two about half way through. This scene takes place in a courtroom and establishes that in the first scene to the audience. Matt Chambers is on trial for his numerous drunk driving accidents he has caused over the years. The lighting in this scene is mostly low-key throughout the whole scene. Since there is only little fill light used in the back of the room, it is low-key lighting. The low-key lighting produces the overall gloomy atmosphere in this scene. The use of lighting contributes to this scene by using minimal lighting making it more of an intense scene when the viewers are watching it. The way they used the low key lighting is very powerful because it leaves the…show more content…
It is a nurse from the hospital who was killing the patients for no reason. The people Dexter kills are only bad people. The lighting that takes place in this scene is a very small amount. Dexter does not have much lighting in the scenes where he kills people. He has very little lighting in kill scenes because it does not need to be glorified. In this scene he has all the curtains shut and blocked off so no light can come in. There are two ceiling lights that are on. That is the only lighting throughout this scene. It makes the audience feel nervous with the limited amount of lighting. The light color is this scene is red. Red is a universal color that means stop danger. The way they use the red lighting in this scene is perfect. Dexter is about to kill her so since red means danger, it works perfectly. This scene would be low key
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