Dexter's Four Robes Analysis

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The painting done by Jim Dine called Dexter’s Four Robes and the painting by James Lechay called Sky, Sea and Samos are two paintings that are vastly different, but both exhibit similar and different Elements and Principles of Design. I will analysis both paintings and compare as well as contrast the similarities and differences of each painting. I will than explain my opinion on which painting I believed is more visually appealing and what I liked and disliked about each painting. The Elements of art that I will be comparing as well as contrasting are Lines, Shapes, and Colors. The Principles of Design that I will be comparing and contrasting are Emphasis and Subordination. There are a total of fourteen Elements and Principles of Design, but I will only be…show more content…
The Sky, Sea and Samos includes a horizontal line is used to show space between the sky and the sea. This creates a center of peace within the painting. Whereas Dexter’s Four Robes uses both horizontal and vertical lines used in a combination. This creates stability within the painting as well as a barrier between each robe depicted in the painting. Lines are both used in the Sky, Sea and Samos and Dexter’s Four Robes, but the lines in each painting create a vastly different symbolic meaning. Shapes are used in James Lechay’s painting Sky, Sea and Samos and Jim Dine’s painting Dexter’s Four Robes. The Sky, Sea and Samos include organic shapes, whereas Dexter’s Four Robes includes geometric shapes. In Sky, Sea and Samos organic shapes are used to simulate natural forms, such as the sea and the clouds used in this painting. Dexter’s Four Robes geometric shapes, such as triangles, polygons, pentagons, rectangles, and squares are used in this painting. While using geometric shapes to add a human element to the painting Jim Dine also uses organic shapes to simulate the natural curve in the human
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