Independence Essay In English

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Independence A Play by Dhananjay Chidambaram Characters Chitragupt Yama Gandhi Nehru Ambedkar Yaksha Act 1 Chitragupt: You need not lurk around, O Yama. Come, face me and let me be your agony aunt, as per usual Yama: Hello, old friend. It is cathartic to say that you look worried, for that is the one stereotype about you that still persists in any story or fable. Irritation is the boon you asked for, and lo and behold, you have reaped its benefits. Chitragupt: Being the Kayastha overseer of India has its toll, O Yama. Yama: Aren’t you the overseer of the entire world, so to speak? Chitragupt: That is Vedic talk, my friend. Every realm has its own overseer, its own beliefs, and its own boogeymen. We may be cut from the same cloth, but we…show more content…
Indian Islam is spat upon by true Muslims for straying from the best part of Islam, its egalitarianism and equality. Forget Shia and Sunni, these people have devised their own unique castes based on their foreign origins, or their castes before converting. Most of them love to forget they were once Hindus, but deep inside, they could not embrace Islam’s true values. Christianity in India is basically the Trinity with the chaturvarna, Protestants are far and few here anyway Yama: What of Jains and Sikhs? Buddhists, even. Chitragupt: Jains and Sikhs were once quite distinct, but they are counted as Hindus today, and are in fact more ‘Hindu’ than others who are Hindu. Ancient Buddhism isn’t practiced anymore in India, and as for Ambedkar’s Buddhism, it was quite an idea, but Dalits are mistreated regardless of their religion. Yama: Now you are being silly again. You can’t deny the existence of other faiths in India Chitragupt: I’m not denying their existence, merely pointing out that they have been unduly influenced by Hinduism. Besides, this is also why there is natural conservatism in India. A Hindu middle class man and a Muslim middle class man may dislike each other, but deep down they probably have the same
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