Dharma In Ramayana

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The epic Ramayana by Sanjay Patel talks about the protagonist Rama, who was a god before becoming a prince. The mission he’s on is rescuing his wife Sita. The situation with her is that she was abducted by a demon god. The Hindu definition of Dharma is that it talks about four main concepts; truth, order, harmony, and law. These four represent significant principles that contribute to the universe and society. The epic also incorporates the concept of Bhakti. It is the faithful commitment towards a deity. However in the epic, there are characters that demonstrate examples of fulfilling their Dharma. The first character I’m going to talk about is Bharata. After his father passed away, his mother decided to ostracize Rama from the kingdom. When Bharata heard about Rama’s banishing, he was devastated. However, Rama eventually ran into his stepbrother…show more content…
It’s because it was his idea to assemble an army to destroy Rama. He decided to assemble this army because of what happened to his sister. When he found out that Rama defeated the entire army, he knew that Rama was clever. So Ravana had a different plan. In the past, he kidnapped beautiful young women. After Soorpanaka talked about Sita’s beauty, it sparked his interest in her. The plan was to get his uncle Maricha to become a deer. Sita was in the forest one day, and saw this deer. She told Rama to go catch the deer, but he and Lakshman had a weird feeling about the deer, but Rama gave in. Lakshman is a character who fulfilled his Dharma. An example that shows this trait is that he protected Sita when Rama requested him to. He also remained faithful to him and Sita. When they encountered Soorpanaka, he attempted to protect Sita and Rama by slicing Soorpanaka’s nose. He also protected Sita when Rama went to go and try to catch the deer for her. When Sita heard that Rama was battling the deer, she begged Lakshman to save
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