Dhul Qaranyn: Alexander The Great

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I will focus on Dhul Qaranyn (also spelled as Dhul Qarnin, Zul-qarnain, Qarnain, Dhu ' l Karnain, ZolQarnayn) and his story and most importantly discuss mainly the theology controversy if Dhul Qaranyn is Alexander the Great, Cyrus the great or neither. There are more than three writers and theologists that wrote about this controversial argument. Dhul Qaranyn which means "he of the two horns "is a character mentioned in sixteen verses from the "The Cave" Surah Verses from 83-101 of the Qur 'an, as a figure empowered by God to upright a wall between mankind and Gog and Magog, the representation of chaos.

Alexander the Great a well-known high king in his history. So I will show all theologists arguments and evidences that if he is Dhul Qaranyn
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In recent years, this identification of Dhul-Qarnayn has become mainly problematic and controversial for Muslim scholars, as historians have gradually discovered that the old Alexander was a Greek pagan who fashioned himself as a god source by ["Dhul-Qarnayn and the Alexander Romance - WikiIslam." N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Nov. 2015]. So, what is overlooked by most apologists when they trying to identify Dhul Qaranyn and they state that the story in Quran is not based on legendary stories of Alexander III of Macedonia. Instead, they say it 's based entirely on legendary stories of Alexander. Also, they state that the Qur 'an story of Dhul Qaranyn parallels a Syriac legend where Alexander is portrayed as a monotheistic king. The mutual influence and interdependence of the Alexander stories of Pahlavī, Syriac, and Koranic Arabic traditions on Alexander of Macedon finally gave rise to the Islamic (and mainly Persian) myth, story, or rather tale about Iskandar/Sikandar Dhū 'l- Qarnayn, a larger than life character and a mythical hero, who combines the traits of Alexander the Great with the features of an Islamic prophetic figure, who paved the way for the spread of Islam. Moreover, the Islamic poets and scholars of Persian language into their Iranian history, integrate Alexander as one of their greatest Shahanshahs or Kings of all

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