Halloween Vs Dia De Los Muerto Essay

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What do you think of when you think of October? Black cats? Witches? Many people think of Halloween, but that is not the only holiday in this month. Two very important holidays take place in this month: Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. These are very different holidays, but have multiple similarities. People all around the world celebrate both of these occasions. Even though there are differences between these two holidays, there are also many similarities. Halloween starts on October 31st. Like Halloween, Dia de los Muertos also starts on the 31st of October. Both of these holidays are centered around traditions established in acknowledging the ones who have died. Food is a very big part in both of these traditions. Dia de los Muertos has a…show more content…
Kids of all ages go around and collect candy from people’s houses when they say the words ‘trick-or-treat!’. When coming to Dia de los Muertos celebration, you might see various people dressed up in costumes that look like skeletons. People, who celebrate this, paint their faces and necks to look like and skeleton. Men wear suits and women wear dresses. Halloween also uses costumes. Many kids pick out what they want to people for Halloween. This can be anything, such as Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games to a vampire or zombie. All of these things make the holidays similar, but they aren’t the same. These next things make Halloween and Dia de los Muertos different. Halloween originated from Ireland and Dia de los Muertos originated from Mexico. They are both celebrated around the world today, but it all started in those countries. Another very big difference in these occasions, is now Halloween is about scaring people and making people have a eerie feeling. On the other hand, Dia de los Muertos is more about remembering people who they have lost. The purpose of Halloween is an appreciation of the afterlife and survival of death, but many people don’t realize that. Unlike Dia de
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