Dia De Muerto All Saint's Day Analysis

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The subject matter of this work of art is representational to Dia de Muertos(Day of the Dead), or All Soul's and All Saint’s Day . The art is an acrylic painting of a woman that has paint on her face in celebration of the Mexican holiday that commemorates life and honors the deceased. It was painted with acrylic paint on a canvas that is approximately 20 inches wide by 30 inches in length. The first thing you sense when you see the artwork is the buoyant colors of happiness but the contradicting depressed facial expression and body position.Although the holiday is supposed to celebrate life, there is a time when you also recall the memories of the loved ones that have passed. The artist did a great job portraying the contradicting feelings of the woman through the use of the elements of art, like color and the principles of with variety and emphasis. The first thing you notice when approaching the painting is the variety of colors that significantly distribute to the meaning of the painting. The woman has a bright and colorful background with light blue, red, and yellow, which influences the happiness of the holiday. However, the second thing you notice is her body position and facial expression that provides a conflicting impression. Her face is covered in paint, like…show more content…
Possibly, it was because the yearning of her loved one was so great that she wanted to be with him/her. I gathered that through making her arms as skeleton, she would be accepting of her death, if that meant she could be with her loved one. The woman dress is torn making it look as if someone had done it while tearing out her heart. This aspect of the painting puts emphasis on the terrible feeling she has inside. Another way color was included in this work was how the inside of her chest is dark, which helps form the sense of emptiness within the

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