Diabetes Case Study Essay

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Department of physical education collage of education General education program Fitness and wellness course Diabetes Done by: Fatima Mohammed Almansoori - 201501457 May Saif Almazrouei - 201517151 Noura Sultan Alkalbani - 201201354 Maitha Kalfan Alshamsi - 201204044 Noura Saif Alaryani - 201201402
 Instructor : Dr. Abdulsalam S. J. Al-Zaabi Table of Contents Introduction 1 Objectives 2 Case studies 3-4 Definition 5 Causes 5-6 Symptoms 6-7 Complications 8 Treatment and Medication 8-9 Prevention and Recommendations 9-10 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction to Diabetes : A tiny organ called pancreas located beneath the stomach is involved with production of endocrine hormone insulin which is involved…show more content…
The other serious problems like hypertension, arterial diseases, lipid disorders or even heart disease are also linked to diabetes . There are two types of diabetes which include; a) Type 1 Diabetes and b) Type 2 Diabetes. The reason for Type 1 diabetes is inability to produce insulin in body while that of Type 2 is insufficient production of insulin or inability of the body cell to recognize insulin. Diabetes is called as a lifelong disease as inability to produce insulin or insufficient production leads to high levels of glucose in blood. In normal individuals release of insulin triggers removal of blood sugar and also stimulates liver to produce more glucose which help in maintaining the blood sugar to normal level. Objectives: The aim of this paper is to: Introduce you to diabetes. Discuss two case studies. Define diabetes and its causes. Discuss and show symptoms, complications and treatment and medication. Ways how to prevent it and Indicate some recommendations to prevent…show more content…
He is Mariam's father. May have measured his height (183 cm) and weight ( 88 kg), the case has been suffering from diabetes for 8 years now. Mariam's father maintain a healthy diet immediately since he discovered the disease opposite to the first case , and he is physically active . By using the glucose meter for determining the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood,it shows that its 150 in a good level. The case was suffering from other disease such as : Thyroid disease ,and nervous system disease. After gathering the useful information about the case it showed that the family members was not suffering from any disease. Because of the thyroid disease it let the case obese for years and it lead him to have diabetes . The second case was suffering from a stork in 4 times and in the 3rd time diabetes was discovered. Medication is taking by pills . Definition : Diabetes: when the person have high blood glucose (suger), insulin production inadequate ,or because the body cells is irresponsive properly to insulin its or it can happen both ,there are no treatment but we can controlled by the medication .Actually insulin is a hormone that produce it by the pancreas , there are tow type of diabetes type I and type II .Type 1 that makeup 5% of diabetes causes and type 2 makeup over 90% of diabetes
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