Life Style And Diabetes Essay

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This assignment is aimed to explore and evaluate the effects of life style habits on diabetes. In this respect, some of the facts related to diabetes are discussed in-depth. Moreover, the assignment consists of a justification about the idea that life style habits have relationship with diabetes. Introduction Today we are well aware of the importance of having a body checkup. Most of the people get a same result that they are in the danger of diabetes. Diabetes is increasing the amount of blood sugar in your body. There are two types of diabetes. They are insulin dependent (juvenile) diabetes and non-insulin dependent (adult onset) diabetes. Insulin is the hormone made by a gland in your body called pancreas. Old people used say it’s better to be prevented from the illness instead of treating the illness. So it’s very important to know the facts related to diabetes. Factors of diabetes Factors causing diabetes are sex, age and certain aspects of life style such as diet, level of physical activity and…show more content…
We spent almost one third of the day watching TV. Without knowing we make ourselves to eat lot of junk foods and unhealthy foods. Majority of the people use to lie down on a sofa, instead of sitting on a chair. This will make the one lazier. When a person becomes lazier, s/he does not want to get moved. This will make the person feel tired. Due to the laziness, people use to start taking unhealthy foods and junk foods instead of homemade foods which are healthy to your body. Apart from that lot of advertisements based on junk foods and fizzy drinks will be seen by watching TV. So that their minds will be convinced to take junk foods and fizzy drinks. As a result most of the people are using fizzy or sugary drinks instead of water, coffee and tea. These things contain a very high amount of fat and will lead to obesity. More than the 50% of the people suffering from obesity are diabetic
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