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Diabetes is a chronic condition that, although severe, is manageable. However, proper management of the disease demands that the patient makes various decisions on self-management and to undertake complicated self-care activities. Additionally, the management of diabetes requires careful consideration of a patient's lifestyle choices. It necessarily follows that patient education and awareness plays an integral role in the containment of the disease. There are various literature and scholarly discussions on the function of education in the overall management of diabetes. This brief annotation explores some of the relevant scholarly discourse related to the management of diabetes and the need for enhancing patient awareness in that regard. The…show more content…
The authors emphasize that a diabetes patient must know how to recognize the complications that usually arise from the disease and how to respond to those problems adequately and efficiently. Accordingly, the discussion articulates a model of education, the therapeutic patient education (TPE) as an increasingly fundamental approach adopted not only in the management but also the prevention of diabetes. The researchers emphasize that various trials vindicate the suitability of the model by registering improvements in lifestyle, clinical, and psychosocial effects. Nonetheless, the authors highlight the lack of clarity in the ideal attributes of a comprehensive education program and insist on the need for further research to determine the perfect application of the education model. Hence, this article's relevance is providing context by explaining the place of education in the diabetes management spectrum and proposes a suitable model for the implementation of education programs. It is a scholarly peer-reviewed discussion, thus, accurate and authoritative. It was recently published, thus,

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