Diabetes Part A: Sugar Study

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Part A: Sugar study
Diabetes is a condition where sugar is not processed properly in the body. If the diabetic does not take care of their condition, complications may arise which could have a significant impact of the quality of the life of the diabetic, which could reduce their life expectancy. Although there is no cure for diabetes, the diabetic can still maintain a healthy life by effectively managing their food consumption. There are three types of diabetes, type one, type two and gestational diabetes. All three types are very complex and are serious conditions that needs to be taken care of.

Type one diabetes occurs when the pancreas stops producing insulin due to the immune system destroying the cells that produce insulin. As a result
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This is a because of the very high amounts of energy (579 kj), fat (5.0g) and sugar (17.4g), found in the yoghurt. The yoghurt has a very high amount of energy considering that it’s a snack, and if this energy isn’t consumed by the diabetic it gets stored as fat. If a diabetic become overweight condition gets worse. The yoghurt also has 5.0g fat, which is far too much for a diabetic to be consuming especially for a snack. If a diabetic consumes too much fat, they can gain weight which will make it difficult for them to manage their blood glucose level. The yogurt also contains 17.4g of sugar, this is a significant amount of sugar for a diabetic to be consuming especially for a snack. As a result of the high amount of sugar in the yoghurt their blood glucose level will be raised a lot and if nothing is done to bring it back down it can have severe effects on their health. Overall if the high amounts of energy found in the yoghurt isn’t burned off it will turn into fat, as well as the high fat already found in the yoghurt a diabetic can gain weight which will make it difficult for their body to manage their blood glucose levels. This can be detrimental to their health, especially if their body can 't make blood glucose level and they are consuming 17.4g of fat in 100g of
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