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Should I Use Antibacterial Wipes/Sanitizers/Hygiene Towelettes with Diabetes People with diabetes are prone to skin problems and need to take careful care of their skin. It is also important to have clean hands, especially before glucose testing. Consider whether people with diabetes should use antibacterial wipes, sanitizers and/or hygiene towelettes. People with diabetes are more likely to get skin disorders, illnesses and infections because of weakened immune systems. It is estimated 1/3 of people with diabetes will develop some type of skin condition that is caused or affected by the disease. People with high blood glucose levels often have dry skin. Keep your blood sugar in check to ward off dry skin and other health complications.…show more content…
Scented antibacterial products are usually the culprits when it comes to incorrect blood sugar readings. Instead of using hand sanitizers or antibacterial wipes, use an alcohol-based wipe instead, such as the ones used in a hospital setting. After using an alcohol wipe, make sure the testing area is completely dry before testing your blood glucose levels. Alcohol wipes may also be covered by Medicare or Medicaid. However, alcohol wipes can also lead to dryness and irritation as well as cause inaccurate blood glucose readings. Dry skin can become cracked and infected. After using alcohol swabs or wipes, apply a healing, moisturizing product, For example, applying Aquaphor to the area can soothe it and help prevent chapped…show more content…
Studies indicate there is no increased risk of infection from using them when alcohol wipes and swabs are not used. This means there is no need to wipe the area before testing. In recent years, the American Association of Diabetes Educators has stopped recommending using alcohol wipes prior to testing your blood sugar because of the risk of dry, cracking skin and inaccurate readings. Alcohol wipes and swabs should only be used in an emergency, if the test site is dirty and soap and water are not available. Mild, unscented soap and warm water is the best way to cleanse the area before testing your blood glucose. Dry the area gently with an absorbent, lint-free towel. Avoid using soaps that contain antibacterial agents. After testing your blood sugar, apply a healing moisturizer or ointment to your hands. For example, a skin protector such as Aquaphor can sooth the skin on your hands and ward off dryness and

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