Diachoric Identity

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What defines personhood? What makes you and I people? Two sides are diachronic and synchronic questions of identity. In terms of the book (Engaging in Philosophy by Mitchell Green) definition both diachronic identity and synchronic identity are concerned with P1 which is a person stage of a person 's life. P2 is also a person stage but occurs later in life. The broken down definition for synchronic identity is concerned with how things are at a certain time while diachronic identity is how things are over time. Relating back to P1 and P2, synchronic identity is only concerned with P1, a person stage occurring during a specific point in a life. Diachronic identity concerns how P1 and P2 are the same person but different person stages. To further …show more content…

I feel this way because if it were based off your ability to recollect memories and you were to develop amnesia or alzheimer 's then you would not constitute as the same person. However, a possible objection may be the duplication of your body example and how “you” technically would still exist because your body is still in tact. But I interpret body continuity as physically having been at a specific point in time. The new body would inherit all your old memories, the history of how you created the memories would be entirely different. Yes, the body may be appear to be exactly the same but it has not undergone the events from the past, it simply has the ability to recall memories. So the question is bit complicated, yes “you” still exist but no it is not the same “you” who currently inhabits your body. This also implies that after your body is destroyed so are you, your mind that is. In the context of an object such as the ship of Theseus it seems to “have its diachronic identity secured by its being treated as one and the same object over time, more specifically by its having the same function.” The body continuity theory raises the question that if multiple parts are replaced is it still the same ship. If some original pieces remain the same then yes, it

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