Diagnosing Smallpox

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Diagnosing smallpox can be made in several ways; by the signs and symptoms that the person presides with; by withdrawing the variola virus from the persons blood or from the lesions; and from antibodies found in the infected persons blood that reacted to the virus. Diagnosing this virus is made in specific laboratories only where there are suitable means for testing and protecting the laboratory technicians (

The infected person should be isolated and admitted in a room with negative pressure, placing them under respiratory isolation and also contact isolation. Provide supportive measures. (

Prior to contacting the smallpox virus, obtain the vaccine. Aministering the vaccine four days after a person has been exposed can either prevent them from having symptoms or drastically reduce the brutal symptoms of smallpox. A person may also benefits from obtaining the vaccine four to seven days after they have been exposed to smallpox by it offering them minimal proctection and decreasing its intenseity
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Tecovirimat, Cidofovir and Brincidofovir were all tried in a laboratory setting on animals that had a disease that was comparable to smallpox and was effective toward the virus. All of these antivirals were not tried on people that had smallpox, but was administered to people that were well. Tecovirimat shown to be safe with minimal side effects. Cidofovir and Brincidofovir that was tried on well people were successful however Cidofovir could be harmful to the kidneys. Brincidofovir had less harmful side effects than Cidofovir. The effectiveness of using these three drugs on a people with smallpox has not been established since they have not been tested on people that had the disease. In the event of a smallpox outbreak consideration may be given to use these
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