Diagnostic Assessment: Their Struggle Is Real

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Their Struggle is Real Students sat in straight long rows as I gently placed a diagnostic assessment on their desk. As I continued placing the diagnostic assessment on each desk, I listened to the moans and groans of my students who resented the assessment. I could hear the females in my classroom sucking their teeth in disappointment, the males mumbling “Wait we Have an Essay”!.I looked out the corner of my eye watching students put their head down. Many students either stared blankly at their assessments with a look of confusion on their face, while other students raised their hand waiting to be called. Before I assisted any of my students, I explained the directions and the purpose of a diagnostic assessment. I kindly asked the class to work thoroughly and explained how the assessment gave me an opportunity to evaluate their skills and guide my curriculum. Shortly after my…show more content…
Hernandez, I don’t understand what the prompt is asking me to do”, “What does this word mean”, “Do i have to do this”. These were some of the responses students addressed to me while taking their diagnostic assessment which consisted of reading a short excerpt and writing an argumentative response. I motivated my students apply effort and made them aware that it was crucial that I evaluated their current skills and use the assessment to guide my teaching. Respectfully, students proceeded to work, and used the entire class period to read and partially complete the response. Walking up and down the aisles, I watched students struggle with grade level material which also meant I certainly had a lot to teach that year. Watching my new students struggle on grade levels assessments motivated me to pursue literacy education at a graduate level. My interest in literacy education ultimately derives from my goal to teach highly effective instruction to students while considering their diverse
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