Diagnostic Essay: Assignment

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Diagnostic Essay Assignment
Syllabuses are a contract for students and parents to understand the expectations the pupils are expected to respect and follow. The teacher’s list certain requirements for parents to help the student be more attentive and focused upon their work. In the syllabus it lists; rules, course outlines, and measurable course objectives. The pupil must follow these rules, parents must proceed their child to keep working hard, and the teacher should be able to have no stress when teaching the student a lesson. The syllabus contains certain rules that the teacher expects the students to follow, the course outline that indicates the order in which units/lessons will be taught, and the measurable course objectives in which explains
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I don’t have a phone, so I am free from distraction, although that isn’t the only distraction that can get students to lose focus. It is so amazing to not have to worry about what is trending, or what celebrity got cosmetic surgery done. Cell phones are also a great thing to have for communication (text, calls, facetime, etc.), and also for research for an assignment. Having no distraction is such a benefit because it is easier to focus on what is really going on outside of the whole social media environment. Next in the rules and expectations is; be prepared to participate in a productive/positive manner. This rule is a big deal because there are so many students with unproductiveness and negativity when they are learning. According to www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu, the impact of fear and anxiety can effect on thinking in students during class. The anxiety can come from a pupil overthinking an assignment, presentation, etc. So the rule of “Being prepared to participate in a productive/positive manner” is, unfortunately, dismissed and unfollowed due to what may be happening within that student’s mentality or personal issues. Having all necessary supplies are required in order to be successful throughout the year. The required supplies are very important in order for a student to be motivated, and somewhat, stress free because of the lack of responsibility they took in the beginning
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