Diagnostic Essay Prompt

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Diagnostic Essay Prompt

In an article called “Upstream, Downstream” written by Jenna Craig, she expresses concerns over the amount of water that Texas currently has and how it should be distributed. “Since 2007, Texas has been experiencing one of the worst droughts in history,” since that drought happened the amount of water in Texas has greatly been diminished and it has affected many farmers, citizens, fisherman, etc. Since the water was so scarce during the dry times the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) is allowed to distribute water from agricultural to the environment. The drought has continued since then and Karen Bondy, senior vice president for water resources at (LCRA), states that, “Central Texas is now in the seventh year
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One of my peers read this quote from the article “Landowners own the resource and have the right to pump water from beneath their land, as long as the water is being put to beneficial use,” and was confused at this because he had never heard of landowners being able to pump water on their land and that there was even a law for that. By examining this quote we learned something new instead of just reading it and continuing on. When I was reading this article I found this quote “In a drought, as the rivers run low, less fresh water reaches the ocean, causing an imbalance of salt water to fresh water in coastal estuaries,” and interpreted this fact that when that imbalance occurs it can have some damages to the ecosystem affecting the local vegetation and wildlife. The fisherman and farmers living near the water are also affected by this imbalance causing harm to their crops and animals. The other person I talked to had a personal experience with one of the quotes, “These farmers braved the elements; they were confronted with Mother Nature.” When she read this quote she was reminded of the time she had to brave the cold winters in Abilene where the school had been closed for a long time but had to attend once the work had started to stockpile. In the end of our discussion we concluded that water is extremely important for everyone living in Texas as it provides us with life
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