Diagnostic Essay: You Can Grow Your Brain

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Diagnostic Essay After reading the article “You Can Grow Your Brain”, it made me feel more confident in myself and encouraged me to take on new tasks in the near future. By reading this article I have learned that the more you practice or exercise at something, the better you will be at whatever it is you chose. There was a time in elementary, where I discovered how much I loved sports, however, I wasn 't very athletic. I loved watching the game of basketball, it interested me so much and was very entertaining. When recess or free time came around each school day, after lunch, some guys including my older brother would shoot baskets and play games with teams. Sadly, I never got chosen because “I was a girl and knew nothing about sports”. Although this upset me, I didn’t take it to heart. I started practicing at home with kids in my neighborhood. After weeks or maybe even months of practice, my older brother then noticed how good I was getting at the sport. …show more content…

I was so excited for basketball season to come around, I just couldn 't wait! While I was waiting for our instructor for my Phys Ed class, I overheard a conversation between two girls. They were talking about how excited they were to start practicing volleyball, I suddenly got a lump in my throat from being so nervous. I knew nothing about volleyball, but one thing I did know was that the Phys Ed class I was in, wasn 't only for basketball, it was for all sports and because volleyball was the first played sport in our school season, that 's what we would

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