I M For Murder Analysis

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William Pollard famously said, “Without change[,] there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement” (qtd. in Lairmore 1). The film, Dial M for Murder, was first produced in 1954 and was remade in 1998, called A Perfect Murder. While there are similarities and differences between the two films, both are different when considering about how people view the social relationship and how people are seen in the society, as well as the expectations toward one’s partners. Over the past fifty years, how people view the social relationships have been changed. In the first film, Tony Wendice asked for C. A. Swann, who Margot Wendice has never met before, to kill his wife, while in the second one, Stephen Taylor asked for David Shaw, who…show more content…
It is comfortable to be with someone who provides a “sense of comfort and safety,” (Akhtar) and in a way, love in Dial M for Murder was genuine. Because she is married, she chooses her husband, but it is clear that she loves and cares about Tony and Mark. Since Mark is in love with Margot, he tries to do everything that he can to rescue Margot from prison. It can be said that what is expected of a partner or a lover is not just money, but a caring heart. Though “money” is considered a very important element in each film, it seems that money in A Perfect Murder played a significant role. Emily is not in love with her husband, but she is in love with David. Stephen and David were not fighting over Emily, but maybe, who has more money. This can explain the fact that David betrays her for wanting the money he can get from killing Emily. As there is a scene, which Bobby Fain mentions, “you know, Mo, rich people are different from you and me,” it is obvious that men care about how much money they have. There is a particular word in Japan, which shows that women tend to look for a person who has a high income, high academic background, and tall stature as their spouse. During the fifty years of the period, money has become something that makes men both sexy and
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