Dialectic Reflection

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The tipping point for me with this assignment was having an incredibly painful conversation with someone, S. It was an accident. I wasn’t planning on talking to her, and I certainly wasn’t planning on having it tie into this assignment. It just sort of happened. This conversation was drastically different than my dialectic. I felt very calm and mutual and constructive during the dialectic. But when I was talking with S I was anxious and I felt attacked. We ended up talking about this assignment, since it has been weighing on me very heavily. At one point I brought up how I broke down the relationship binary in my life. She rolled her eyes at me and told me how she becomes “infuriated” when people use academic language to sound smarter. She said she didn’t…show more content…
I am becoming more familiar with what effective conversing looks like. I wanted to have a mutual and constructive conversation with someone about something that I am passionate about. Our conversation was so effortless that I thought this paper was going to be a walk in the park. Once I realized that I was going to have to incorporate narrative and branch away from analyzing others I knew this was going to be much more involved. I hate to say that it took her sharing vulnerabilities to make me comfortable with sharing mine, but that is how it ended up happening. This dialectic has shattered all of my previous standards of what human interaction is “supposed” to look like. This has allowed me to let go of detrimental expectations and spread more love. Going through this journey has shown me what is really important in life, following your heart and loving people. During the dialectic, I was able to apply concepts that I had previously learned and validate them through her thoughts and experiences. This dialectic made me realize that I can have productive, vulnerable conversations where I am not going to be judged, and that is all that I really ask
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