Dialectical Journal Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 Every so often people express a desire to be left alone and not bothered, except in fact people do need to be bothered. If no one in the world was bothered then it would be all about security and happiness, and then no one would know how to do the things they know how to do in today 's world. The world wouldn 't be the same if no one got bothered. In the book Fahrenheit 451 Montag and Faber were talking about how people today need to be bothered. If they are not bothered than the world would have been even worse than it is today. Montag did a lot in his life because he was bothered. There was things that were not good like becoming a fugitive, but if he was never bothered he would not…show more content…
If people didn’t get bothered than they would be happy and not know what to expect, because if no one in the entire world got bothered they wouldn 't have the knowing of how to be an actual human. In the book Fahrenheit 451 I am pretty sure that all the characters got bothered so when something happened they were use to it and didn’t get that worked up over it. So when Millie left Montag he was sad but later found out that he did not want anything to do with her. Therefore if people do get bothered they will so figure out what they don 't need and why the thing that happened is a good thing, that no one can change. You just have to keep living you life and see things on the positive side. Towards the end of the book I discovered that the news people had to stop looking for Montag and fake his capturing, by killing an innocent man on the street saying it was Guy Montag. Even though they said they got Montag they were still on the lookout for him. The police may never catch him, but that doesn 't mean they stopped looking for him. So no matter where Montag is he always has to be aware of his surrounding because no matter what Guy Montag is always bothered. He is living a real life. He didn 't always get what he deserved but he made the best
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