Dialectical Journal For In Cold Blood

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While this novel has kept me interested, even though I am not normally intrigued by factual prose, I was very disappointed to learn the motive behind the Clutter murders. I was hoping for a strange and twisted connection where Herb is not the perfect family man that he seems to be, however, I did not get was I was a hoping for. There is no connection between Dick and Perry and the Clutter family. There is no motive behind killing them, only that Dick wanted to. I am still wondering why Dick became so obsessed with a family that he did not even know. However, I wonder what the second half of the content will be for the nonfiction novel because now the reader knows all the facts. Dick and Perry murdered the Clutter family because they suffer …show more content…

And most of the memories it released were unwanted, though not all” (130) I believe this to be the most relevant passage for Perry because it shows that he is not complexly emotionless as his murders would have the reader believe. The title of the novel, “In Cold Blood,” and the emotionless way Perry and Dick carry out their lives after killing the Clutter family make the murders seem without reason and lacking emotions. However, once the reader, and Perry, read the letter Perry’s father wrote to the Kansas State Patrol Board, Perry says this line. Perry is “racing” with emotions, which proves that he does and can care about certain parts if his life, he just does not feel emotion when it comes to ended innocent lives. If Perry is still capable of emotions but is also able to kill the Clutters in cold blood, then there must be something wrong in Perry’s brain. Because it would make sense for a murderer to kill his victims with a lot of emotion behind it, or for a murder to have no emotions about anything in their lives because they either have an intent to kill or they are so messed up mentally that they cannot feel the harm they are causing. However, Perry falls into the weird in between. He is able to feel emotions when he wants to feel them, like how he let his father down when he did not return to help build the lodge, but he can also turn them off when he wants to, like when he murders the Clutters. This passage humanizes Perry to the public in a way that most murders do not get to be. These emotions allow Perry to be considered an actual human like everyone else, and not just someone who is completely different that you and

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