Dialectical Journal For Life Of Pi

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I think the meaning behind Pi’s reply, “so it is with God.” is that a life is better with some kind of believe than one without because Pi’s original story with the animals in less tragic and horrific in comparison to Pi’s second story. For an example, on page 309, Pi has to witness his mother be stabbed to death and then later beheaded by the brute-like cook, “He killed her. The cook killed my mother….He caught her by the wrist and twisted it. SHe shrieked and fell. He moved ove rher. The knife appeared, He raised it in the air. It came down. Next it was up—it was red. It went up and down repeatedly….He hurled something my way. A line of blood struck me across my face. No whip could have inflicted a more painful lash. I held my mother’s head in my hands.”…show more content…
Because of the occurrences in his first story, Pi was able to move on and live a happy, married life. I think the men preferred the story with with the animals because it was more intriguing, and less gruesome compared to his second story. I believe that the first story is the “correct” story and I prefer it over the second one because Pi is not a liar, meaning he wouldn’t make the story with the animals and the green carnivorous island all up. Furthermore, there is more detail in the first story than the second. While the first story has 100 or so more pages where the Life of Pi novel mostly focuses on, the latter story only has a few pages towards the end of the

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