Dialectical Journal For Lord Of The Flies Chapter 8

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Visualization - Chapter 8 - At the start of this chapter I can imagine the boys assembling on the hot, white, sands of the beach for a meeting. The sun is more powerful than ever and leaves anything it touches with a peeling sunburn. The waves crash against the jagged rocks and seagulls squawk in alarm. As the meeting goes on, a fight erupts from Ralph and Jack and ralph wins. I think this quote shows how Jack is terrified with his loss. “He laid the conch with great care in the grass at his feet. The humiliating tears were running from the corner of each eye.” (Golding 127) I can imagine Jack setting the pearly white conch at the grass by his bare, scratched, feet and it catching a ray of light illuminating his defeated face. He puts his shaggy hair covered head in his hands, salty tears stinging the corners of his sandy eyes. Looks of sorrow from the littluns sympathize for him. Ralph smirks at Jack 's defeat and continues the meeting. hours later Jack rounds up a group and they start a hunt. I can imagine a group of boys dripping with sweat and dirt caking their peeling, cherry red,…show more content…
Dark circles, like half moons, looming under his lifeless eyes. His shaggy hair is bleached by the powerful sunlight and specks of dried leaf lay askew between the strands. His deeply tanned skin almost matches the color of the dirt that is plastered to every square inch of his body. His legs and arms are scrawny after days without a proper meal. “One eye was slit in his puffy cheek and a great scab had formed on his left knee.” (Golding 156) I can visualize Ralph’s face, the size of a balloon with two slits cut out for his eyes. A crusty scab is beginning to form on the cut that left him with so much pain. He winces with every step that leaves his body burning in
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