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Chapter #1 ~ A SAD and WEIRD DAY __________________________________
Ashbarrow, Eversdale, a place of calm and peace since the Dagara war was won 28 years before . It was raining the night in which our story begins.Killian Mcavery a twenty - three year old man watched His father Jacob , dying from a misqueto bite that he had cut previously in the week and now was seriously infected . Yes, it was a strange thing. As he was dying , he joked "This is not the way I had planed to go . Who would have thought that a warrior such as I would be dying from a simple mosquito bite and a good shave." He shook from the fever . Pulling the blanket up higher , He flinched as it touched the rash. He had contracted erysipelas. A few days ago, Jacob and Killian had gone camping with a group of ex - soldiers and there sons . This was a thing the government had required every year since the war ended . The ex-soliders were to teach their sons how to forge, fight, and survive as someday the Gaurdstones would need them. Anyway, they had been camping and Jacob took his pocket knife out of its case and began to shave . He nicked himself with the blade , thus causing the infection. He was now in Doctor Brownings 's office .
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Not a lot of people in this area of Eversdale liked Coffee . They were tea drinkers mostly . He looked at the note and saw green nail polish on it .The shade Cassidy Mcormick always wore He opened it . It was from some guy named Goma . The letter said " If you ever want to see your friend alive go to the temple of Yara . Be there by 10:00 Am and not only do you get your friend , you will get a suprise . Killian ran home and untied his horse , Lightning , and rode as fast as he could to the temple. It was 18 miles away . He arived just in time . It was 9:47 Am . He was exhasted by the time he arived . Going more than 10 hours without sleep . To his suprise Cassidy greeted him and grabbed his arm made him go
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