Dialectical Journal: The Bean Trees By Barbara Kingsolver

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Dalen Todorov, Period 8 Eng 10 H, Ms. Reid 1 October 2014 ORP 1 Dialectical Journal Kingsolver, Barbara. The Bean Trees New York City: HarperCollins Publishers, 1988 “"Take this baby," she said….."Where do you want me to take it?".......”She looked back at the bar, and then looked at me. "Just take it." (23) Clarification: This quote clarifies to the reader that the woman is legitimately just giving Taylor the child. This is a turning point in the novel and this quote accurately represents the change clearly. Taylor was trying to not get herself in situations like these which also shows the author’s choice of irony “The clouds were pink and fat and hilarious-looking, like the hippo ballerinas in a Disney movie..that in place of trees there were all these puffy-looking rocks shaped like roundish animals and roundish people. Rocks stacked on top of one another like piles of copulating potato bugs.”(47)…show more content…
The author directly gives us a straightforward description while using visual implying text. “But I stayed in school. I was not the smartest or even particularly outstanding but I was there and staying out of trouble and I intended to finish...Mama always said barefoot and pregnant was not my style. She knew.” (3) Indirect Characterization: This quote shows the character’s perseverance and uniqueness while also foreshadowing. It shows the relationship between Taylor and her mother and the difference of Taylor and her environment/ society “"She's not really mine," I said. "She's just somebody I got stuck with."..."Yeah, I know exactly what you
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