Dialogue In The Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast club uses timing of when characters start talking to add realism and authentication to the dialogue of the characters. This can be seen in the motivation for the characters to speak when they do, especially in the cases where people jump into conversations, are pushed to talking, and refuse to participate.

Brian Johnson, characterized as the nerd of the group, has been stressed to his limits by his parent’s. He is a character that is the most book smart in the room but and this can be shown in how his dialogue is spoken. Throughout the movie he comments in on facts or details during scenes without being asked. This is fitting to his perceived personality of wanting to be known for his smarts and usually asked to do answer questions. For example, when Mr. Vernon is giving Bender more detentions Brian butts in with, “That's seven including the one when we first came in and you asked Mr. Vernon here whether Barry Manilow knew that he raided his closet.” This is a case where Mr. Vernon and Bender were having a dialogue of asserting dominance and Brian chooses to jump in with what he has remembered. This isn’t the only the case of this situation occurring in the movie, which is another component to the realism being that Brian keeps this character trait throughout the rest of the movie. There is a literally a part of the
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The main reasons that this movie is still praised to this day it he realistic dialogue it portrays. When characters choose to speak and when to stay silent reveals a lot about them often times almost as much as the content of their words. Realistic characters talk when and how they would act and this is apparent in the move. Brian, Allison, and Bender are all characters that chose to speak under different conditions but when they do it reveals that they are authentic which is necessity to good movie
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