Diamond Bar High School Research Paper

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Despite the fact that countless studies have proven that students that receive eight to nine hours of sleep each night preform better in school, many schools still start school at the regular time. Diamond Bar high school is one of these schools that refuse to acknowledge these studies. Students these days have to balance schoolwork, athletics, club activities, and social lives. Getting the proper amount of sleep is the last thing on a young adults mind during their high school career. If so many studies have proven that when students get the right amount of sleep, then why does Diamond Bar high school, a school that prides itself on its high-test scores, not want to benefit their students even more by starting school later than the usual start time? The idea that teenagers need more sleep is not a new phenomenon. It is considered now to be common knowledge. Although society often views sleep as a luxury,…show more content…
Mary A. Carskadon, investigated what would happen to sleep rhythms in a group of teenagers for the transition from middle school to senior high, the starting time from the late 8:25 am to very early 7:20 am. The students went about their usual schedules, wore monitors on their wrists, and kept diaries of activities two consecutive weeks. Carskadon found that the 10th grade group woke up significantly earlier for school. These students recorded that they felt tired and groggy throughout the school day. In addition they also received substantially lower test averages than the previous year. Diamond Bar would only benefit from deciding to change their start time. The change would not be drastic, only one hour. It might not seem like a huge difference, but various studies have proven that by changing the bells by one hour, students preformed much better in school and retained information better. Changing the school’s start time involves a wide array of parents, teachers, students, school boards, counselors and healthcare
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