Dian Diana Play Analysis

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Before reading this musical, I did not have good idea of what it was about. I thought it was a comedy in some ways, but I did not except it to be so dramatic. This musical touches on subjects that are very fragile. I did not expect the son to be a ghost, and to have died when he was younger, and he is a ghost in the musical. With the musical being so emotional, there is a lot of adult content. I was shocked at the end of act one, when I found out about the death of their son. The musical takes until close to the end for everything to truly make sense, but it was directed more to adults then teenagers. Fortunately, the things in the musical were relatable for teenagers such as having annoying parents or having relationship issues. This was a heart wrenching musical as well, for I cried multiple times.…show more content…
Gabe, even though dead, was a very good character. He had a attitude and personality. I felt bad for Dan the whole time, because he is trying to help his bipolar depressive wife, but he is having a hard time with it. She has been like this for over sixteen years. He has loved her through it all, but in the end she leaves him, but we all know that it was for the best. Natalie was extremely dynamic. While meeting Henry she changes as a person, but goes through many trials to become that person. Stealing her mothers pills and smoking pot is not ideal for a sixteen year old child, but she overcomes this. It turns out that her only fear was her mother. next to normal is a dramatic and emotional musical, but has some heart-felt moments as
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