Diana Geroge Changing The Face Of Poverty Summary

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All things considered I have chosen the essay written by Diana George tittled “changing the face of poverty.” First and foremost there is an restraint of the endless controversy of poverty. Sadly as Diana Geroge dispute in her essay, the organization with the primitive purpose of abolishing global poverty are possibly the ones endowing to the very problem they battle against (George 676) Her main example wa habitat for humanity, she disputes that the organization is not sending very affective message and that they often fail to which I agree with 100%. The world assumes that they are doing more than what is actually being practiced. Furthermore George disclosed her disagreement concerning these issues. Basically she felt that all photographs that is revealed to the population pesonofi one frame of reference of poverty. She describes it in the beginning of her paragraph where she sees a New Yorker ad for children, Inc and it says “you don’t have to leave your own country to find third-world poverty.” Underneath the copy, from a black and white photo, she illustrates that the young girl, was in torn ill-fitting clothes looking directly at the viewer (George 675).
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Therefore do not allow the appearance to mislead you. Poverty is not a black, white, Asian or a Dominican issue, it is an everybody issue. Last but not least George referenced -Bell hooks, outlaw cultre which stated that constructively changing the ways the poor are represented in every aspect of life is one progressive intervention that can challenge everyone to look at the face of poverty and not turn away, she couldn’t have said it any better. Overall This particular essay hit home for me and affirmed that there are a large number of people who believes and agrees that there is more to poverty than what is being portrayed to
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