Diana Ross: A Successful Black Icon Analysis

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Many adjectives have been thrown around when trying to describe a figure that’s been so influential, often imitated, and never successfully duplicated; monumental, a trail blazer, an original diva. Diana Ross epitomizes a successful black icon by evolving into a solo artist, actress, model, and style icon while coming from humble beginnings and prospering in the post-civil rights era. Not only did she tread untouched waters musically, but fashion wise she wore the best of designers like Bob Mackie and whatever she designs for hereself. It can be argued that she didn’t develop her signature looks until after she left The Supremes, due to lack of attention, ego clashes, and monetary restrictions. The key looks that make her so iconic are sensual, glitzy, and royal; unprecedented looks for a black woman at that time. “Successful Black Icon” is a huge claim, comprising two…show more content…
In Figure 1, Diana is pictured, sprawled out on top of a piano like royalty, while her fellow vocalists are subjected to sing from behind & below her without height elevation. This is around the time, management decided to have “The Supremes” change to “Diana Ross and The Supremes”, this is complimented with Diana having a larger and bushier hair style than the others, while being able to lazily pose on the piano for spotlight opportunities. All three ladies are dressed identically in white, mod silhouetted dresses, yet Diana is the only member who can showcase because she is in front and center, juxtapose the other ladies having to remain behind it and not interfere with the diva’s moment. As Diana begins to develop her signature look, her need for attention and royal treatment is seen in her pose and
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