Diane Keaton Fashion Statement

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Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal,” which I believe holds true in the world of fashion. Designers are the creators of the trends we see, but they would not be put into the spotlight without those who popularize them. That would be the job of a trendsetter. There have been many fashion trendsetters and icons throughout history such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy however, an icon who I believe to be important is Diane Keaton. Diane’s style has influenced many women over time and has given them the confidence to broaden their ways of self-expression and not be afraid to break gender norms. Diane’s fashion statement wasn’t to purposely break the rules of what a woman in Hollywood should wear, but rather to show that you can still be fashionable without wearing a skirt or a dress. She had the confidence to make menswear a part of her everyday womenswear. While most of us update our style over time, Diane has consistently stuck with her signature look; a suit, a bowler hat, glasses, and gloves. Diane is…show more content…
With New York being a fashion capital it is not uncommon to see a woman in menswear. With fashion week happening there were many women spotted in head to toe menswear. The target customer is approximately in the middle to upper class since suit jackets, pants, and even blouses can be pricy for good quality. If this women is wearing her pantsuit to work in a business setting, one can assume that she may have a position of authority and living comfortably in the middle to upper class. The age group that appeals to Diane the most would be the Baby Boomers and some in Generation X. This age group would be drawn to her because they were around when Diane’s signature look started. She also can appeal to millennials because of the current gender neutral styles and the incorporation of menswear inspired

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