Diane Sawyer Research Paper

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Lila Diane Sawyer was born on December 22, 1945, in Glasgow, Kentucky. Diane 's father was a Navy captain in World War II and later on became a respected republican politician. Diane always stayed active as a youth and because of that she was voted "most likely to succeed" by her classmates. When she was 16 years old, her older sister, Linda, became first runner-up in the 1962 Junior Miss Competition. Following in her sister 's footsteps the following year, Diane became the 1963 Miss Junior Miss of America. Diane also took after her sister for her college choice, attending the prestigious all-girls college Wellesley, graduating in 1967 with a bachelor 's degree in English. After college, she returned to Kentucky, where she then moved to Louisville to pursue a career in reporting. Diane went to a local TV station for a job, and because she was once Junior Miss, that was in her favor. The news station knew all about her and…show more content…
After working under Nixon for a few years, Diane became exhausted. She decided to return to reporting in 1978 as a correspondent for CBS News. Her career was marked in stone when she started working for CBS New. It had her rising steadily through the ranks of major news agencies and programs. Diane was a co-anchor alongside the legendary television journalist, Charles Kuralt in the years 1982 to 1984. In 1984 she became the first woman to work as a correspondent on the award-winning news magazine 60 Minutes. Although her career was going great, Sawyer decided to leave CBS in 1989 and go to ABC to co-anchor Primetime Live with Sam Donaldson. While working at ABC, she covered a number of crucial stories, one of which was covering the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks. In 1999, Sawyer then became the co-anchor of Good Morning America, alongside Charles Gibson. She went back as the co-anchor of Primetime Live from 200 to 2006. From there, she became anchor of ABC World News flagship nighttime news program, a position she took until
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