Diane Wakoski The Inside Out Analysis

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The inside out poem by Diane Wakoski is saying even with flaws involved you can fix a problem with determination. In the beginning and middle of inside out it is all about his flaws and the annoyance he is, then in the end she wants to fix or solve the problem of their relationship. The overall meaning of the poem is you need to act and fix the problem in your life. In the beginning of inside out it is talking about how annoyed and bothered the woman in the poem/ the narrator is towards the man in the poem. The poem says “…a fly buzzing over the Kool-Aid spilled on the sin… (Wakoski 1.6-7)” This shows that she feels like he is bugging her like a fly. Another reason I know this is how she feels towards him is that in the poem, it says “…the sound of banging screen doors on hot afternoons… (Wakoski 1.6)”. This shows that the banging screen doors, possibly annoy her, and she is comparing the annoyance of the man in the poem to the annoyance of banging screen doors. Therefor I believe the beginning is about a woman that is annoyed with a man, and she is comparing him to annoying things such as a fly. The poem inside out has a middle about flaws. In the poem, it says “… inside eyes that change like that change…show more content…
The poem says, “you must reach inside and pull me like a silver bullet from your arm (Wakoski 3.22-24).” In the poem the silver bullet represents a problem. Also, the poem has the meaning of a bullet as problem, and she wants it out meaning she wants to fix the problem. The poem also says, “I walk the purple carpet into your eye/ carrying the silver butter server. (Wakoski 1.1-2).”in the beginning of the poem it is talking about how good the relationship was in the beginning and she wants it to go back. Therefor the narrator of the poem saw a problem in her life and acted upon it to fix the problem trying to put it back to normal how it used to
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