Dianne Rapp's Murder Caribbean-Style

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Dianne Rapp’s novel, Murder Caribbean-Style, is set in the traditional style of a murder mystery involving and ensemble of different characters. Much like Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, Rapp, incorporates a “who-done-it" style of murder mystery that takes place on as Caribbean cruise liner. The novel’s plot revolves around a successful novelist, Kayla Sanders, in the struggle to identify the murderer of her old boyfriend, Patrick Macintyre. During the cruise, Kayla becomes part of a mutiny on the ship, which results in Patrick’s death. However, Kayla is soon suspected of committing the murder, which results in her teaming up with an Interpol agent named Steven Young. In the end, it turns out that Patrick’s plan to kill his former lover, Jillian, had backfired. Patrick sought to kill Jillian for her money by switching a non-poisoned knife with a poisoned knife (Rapp 247). Patrick wanted to give the poisoned knife to Jillian, but the knives were switched…show more content…
Detailed explanations of ports are found, which reveal an almost experiential understanding of Kayla’s environment: “when they docked large crowds inundated tiny Caribbean ports. How could anyone enjoy elbowing their way into shops or museums?” (Rapp 10). I found this type of detailed observation about Caribbean life to create greater depth to the environment and the story’s plot. This is an important descriptive account of Rapp’s novel, which allows the reader to become submerged in the details of Caribbean life on a cruise. I felt that Rapp provided insightful characterization of Kayla as a heroine in the story, especially in the way she formed an alliance with Steven Young in a foreign environment. Rapp’s acute descriptions and characterization make this complex murder mystery story a very enjoyable depiction of life on a Caribbean
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