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The study was conducted among randomly selected 4 tribal villages of Binpur block of Medinipur district of West Bengal. Data were collected through personal interview schedule, observational technique and case study method. The findings of the study revealed that the morbidity and mortality rates due to contagious ecthyma were highest but case fatality was very low. The results indicated that the major cause of mortality was diarrhoea. The age-wise morbidity and mortality rates of goats indicated that the highest mortality was recorded in kids of 0 to 3 months age group followed by young stocks and adults. The study also indicated that the indigenous medicines which they use against diarrhoea in kids are not effective. So, concerted educational efforts are needed to educate the farmers to avail Veterinary hospital facilities to control diarrhoea in kids. Introduction The tribals in India present a variety of ecological, socio-economic and techno cultural settings. Each tribal area presents a more or less unique situation in terms of resource endowments, resource use patterns, technological levels and levels of living. Among the tribals, Santals constitute one of…show more content…
Binpur block was selected as it has the highest tribal population (56,608). From Binpur block, four villages namely Kodopura, Nayanagora, Krishnapur and Asthajuri were selected by simple random sampling technique. A list of tribal households keeping livestock were identified out of which 102 heads of Santal households were selected and the same formed the sample of this study. Since the respondents were tribals and generally illiterate people, the observational technique supported by case study method, diary writing and personal interview schedule were used to collect the required data. The following formulae were used to analyse the data in order to study the morbidity and mortality pattern of various

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