Diary Of A Loving Heart Summary

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BOOK REVIEW Book Title: Diary of a Loving Heart Date Published: 1984 Author: June Masters Bacher Publisher: Harvest House Publishing General Summary Vangie, the wife of Wilson suffered an illness’ that she endured for a long time. Accompanying her in the battle was Chris, her stepsister who never leaves her side. She’s so emotional thinking why God didn’t allow them to have a child. But her husband Joe comforted her saying there’s a time for everything and besides, they have Marty, their adopted child. Similarly, young Wil, wilson’s nephew run hurriedly to Chris because Vangie wants to talk to her. Vangie said that her diary has ended, and she died. True, Vangie’s adopted child has asked if her mom is going to heaven with God but none of them answered. When they got home, True is waiting at the window waiting for the angels to bring her mom back. At the day of the burial, Vangie wore for the second time her wedding gown and it rained very hard. They are all sad. The next day they plan to move to another place for the children future. Chris felt that Vangie stays forever with them through her memories. As True went to the grave of her mom she put…show more content…
Until a soldier went to their home to ask if Wilson arrived already for he is suspected to be part of the illegal practices in the area. Chris is confused but tries to relax. Unexpectedly, they found out that he’s not part of it. While Mr. Oberon decided to escape and resign because of the war. Moreover, Wilson was being shot and his life was in critical condition. She prayed to God and He grants her wish. Furthermore Wilson declared his love for Chris and she accepted it. It was Christmas Eve where Chris read the diary again and Vangie stated that someday Wilson and Chris would be happy together having their own children. Vangie in heaven will leave her love as her legacy to them though she’s gone
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