Diary Of A Loving Heart Chapter Summary

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Book Title: Diary of a Loving Heart Date Published: 1984
Author: June Masters Bacher Publisher: Harvest House Publishing

General Summary

Vangie, the wife of Wilson suffered an illness’ that she endured for a long time. Accompanying her in the battle was Chris, her stepsister who never leaves her side. She’s so emotional thinking why God didn’t allow them to have a child. But her husband Joe comforted her saying there’s a time for everything and besides, they have Marty, their adopted child. Similarly, young Wil, wilson’s nephew run hurriedly to Chris because Vangie wants to talk to her. Vangie said that her diary has ended, and she died.
True, Vangie’s adopted child has asked if her mom is going to heaven with God but none of them answered. When they got home, True is waiting at the window waiting for the angels to bring her mom
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Oberon noticed that young Wil didn’t answer his examination well where in fact, he’s smart. The reason is that he doesn’t want to go to Portland, as Wilson wanted, because of the pain his parents left him. True also struggled because she misses her dad. Upon seeing the children sad, they plan to go to Portland for the children to see other things. They have fixed everything but one winter day, someone knock at the door saying the sheep and cattle raisers are having war. Joe immediately goes to the area without Chris’s concern. She’s worried for her husband’s life. Suddenly three men arrived saying Joe is dead. Marty began to ask where her dad is. True answered that he’s already in heaven. Chris can no longer control her tears. She began to question where God is. Someone is coming near their house and it was Wilson. He told Chris that he would bring the children to Portland but she refuses. In addition, they found the body of Joe. Because of the incident, the children were afraid to go to school. Everything changes and negativity
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