Diary Of A Piano Tuner's Wife Analysis

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Imagine going through the same day over and over again for the rest of your life. From waking up doing the same routines every day without taking a risk for a slight change. Some individuals on the other hand will yearn for a slight change in their everyday life, no matter what the situation might be. One who goes through the same conditions over and over again will someday crave a change. In Wilmer Mills’ poem Diary Of A Piano Tuner’s Wife, a woman who is married to a retired veteran who feels trapped in her husband's actions how sick and tired she is of him and his way of life. The Poet expresses how terrified the woman is when it comes to her looking for a change and how she plans to let her husband be. The woman yearns for independence…show more content…
He always did take care of me in the past, from bathing, and teaching me in providing my mother with financial support, and I did really like that about him. As I grew older the lifestyle really did start to change. He went to London to visit one of his sick friends for 3 months, and when he got back, he had changed a lot as if he was not the dad I used to know. From that point on my mother, my sister, and i haven’t really talked to him, he was very rude, impatient, never helped around the house, or even paid a bill no more. He was a man that I dreamed of in a nightmare. I felt terrible growing up as a kid seeing my mother being the father of this family, I always told my mother to let him go, but she never listened and always said “you need a father in your life no matter what the circumstance is”. I tried my best to convince her, but she still kept my father. The reason why this poem is similar to my life is because the piano tuners wife and I have almost been through the same situation and how the women and I craved for improvement. The piano tuners wife finally understands who her husband really is and myself growing up seeing my father change. In conclusion we both started to learn what our circumstances are and how it impacted our
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