Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Dog Days Analysis

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Searcy (2017) states, “Relationships are defined as the way two or more people or things are connected or the state of being connected.” There are different types of relationships and they can vary due to factors within them. This essay reports on the relationship of characters in “Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Dog Days” released 2012.

An important quality in relationships is communication. Three main types of communication include Assertive, Aggressive and Passive. Assertive communication allows everyone to communicate their needs and values in a direct way whilst taking into consideration the feelings of others. Aggressive communication is the opposite of Assertive communication. This communication style causes conflict and negative power is used to control other. The feelings of of others are ignored and neglected. Lastly, passive communication is when someone in the relationship feels helpless. Values are ignored and feelings are neglected.

Throughout the movie, viewers witness relationships form and improve. Some of the most important relationships in the movie are between the main character Greg, His brother Rodrick, His father Frank and his associate Rowley. From these relationships, many qualities are noticed. It’s seen
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Though they don’t show it often, Rodrick and Greg get along and care for each other despite their differences. An example of affection is after helping Rodrick get a gig at Heather Hills’ sweet sixteen, the two siblings awkwardly embrace and show that they get along. Also when the DVD for Spag union came into the mail, Rodrick brought it to Greg and warned him about Frank's plans of enrolling him there. After watching the commercial together Rodrick helps Greg devise a plan to convince their dad not to send him away. If they didn't care for one another, they wouldn’t have helped each other. This affection shows they care for one another's well
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