Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Old School Analysis

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Hahaha! That was the sound of me when I was reading, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School”. The story was so entertaining that I bet kids that don’t like to read will enjoy it. The characters in the book are Greg, Rodrick, mom, dad, Manny, Rowley, and many others. The story all began when Greg’s mom started a petition to convince people not to use electronics for a week. Her family was so embarrassed that they acted that they didn’t even know her for a while. After that a field trip comes up in Greg’s school but he tells his mom that he doesn’t want to go because it’s a camp and no electronics or junk is allowed. A couple of days later Greg’s grandpa moves in with them because he couldn’t afford his bills. Greg was so annoyed of his grandpa because he slept in his room. So then Greg had to sleep in Manny’s room. After that Greg’s mom had collected enough signatures for the petition and got approved by town hall. There was a clean up in the park later on and a ton of people helped because they had nothing to do. So Greg and Rowley decided to open a lemonade stand. Barely anyone bought from them because it tasted disgusting. So they decided to go to the park because they started to sell water instead and they knew that people would be tired and sweaty. However when they arrived it was a failure because the people over there mistakened it for plant water.…show more content…
There was a lot of rumors over there and no one knew who to believe. Greg and his friends were able to face his fears without letting any rumors get in their way.The activities that they did was catching the one who falls by holding each other’s wrists.Putting bales on the other side of the barn,making a fire,and last but not least making a shelter. At the end Greg was able to find out who Silas Scratch was and kept it a secret. That was the end of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old
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