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Wonder by R.J Palacio follows the story of August Pullman, a 10 year old boy with two parents who love him very much, a supportive sister, and a lovable dog. However August was born with a facial deformity and didn’t start mainstream school, until the 5th grade. Due to August’s appearance his social relationships are hindered and August must struggle to overcome social repression. Using techniques including symbolism, characterisation and narrative structure the author conveys August’s struggle to overcome the challenge of forming relationships despite his deformity.

Palacio uses symbolism to convey August’s difficulties in forming relationships with his peers. Reference to ‘The Cheese Touch’ from the novel Diary of a Wimpy Kid was symbolic
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August’s older sister Via is very protective over him, and this is obvious when “One time in the playground some older kids made some noises [at August] and [Via] just started yelling at [them].” It is obvious to the reader that Via would do anything for her brother, and she helps him to get through the difficult times at school, comforting him when students bully him “Sometimes kids are stupid," she says softly, holding his hand. "I'm sure he didn't mean it." His best friend Jack is also supportive and helps break down the barriers that August is faced with at school. Although there were times where Jack was mean to August he always made up for it and defended August when Julian was bullying him. He punched him at one point because of the awful things Julian was saying, “[Julian said] ‘You don’t have to be friends with that freak if you don’t want to be, you know...’ And that’s when I punched him. Right in the mouth.” Jack loves August, and because of Jack, August was able to overcome the bully, Julian, and continue to attend school and have friends just like any other kid. Jack made sure that August was treated as an equal, and helped him to break down social…show more content…
The novel is set out in a series of different parts, changing character perspectives. The main perspective is that of August however Via, Summer, Jack, Justin (Via’s boyfriend), Miranda (Via’s old best friend who loves August) and Julian have the opportunity to voice their opinions on what occurs as the novel progresses and the audience is shown snippets of each character's backstory. This aspect of the novel demonstrates how August overcomes the struggle of social discrimination because the audience can see just how much the other characters love him. Although there are some points of the novel where we sympathise with other characters, such as Via, as she also has to bear the burden of August’s face, describing that “August is the Sun. [She,] Mom and Dad are planets orbiting the Sun. The rest of [her] family and friends are asteroids and comets floating around the planets orbiting the Sun.” The audience now understands that Via feels insignificant to August, everyone focusing on him and no one on her. However Via pulls through this struggle to help August, always supporting him when people are rude to him, “‘What the heck are you looking at?’ [She’d] say to people—even grown-ups.” Via is a major part in August overcoming social discrimination, and by reader her chapter the audience understands just how much she cares about him. Miranda is a minor character in the novel,
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