The Long Haul Chapter Summary

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid #9: The Long Haul (English) by Jeff KGreg narrates that his mother Susan announces that the family are going on a road trip, interrupting him and his brothers watching television on a day during summer vacation. While packing for the trip, the family find out that they have too many belongings, Greg's father Frank suggests they use his boat he bought to store the extra essentials. During the drive, Susan takes out a Flat Stanley and takes some pictures with it. After the drive, the Heffley family arrive at a grocery store, where Susan sends Greg's older brother Rodrick to purchase food. The Heffleys then arrive at a run-down motel, at which point it is revealed that Rodrick purchased junk food instead of the healthy food…show more content…
While driving, Dad gets a call from one of his international clients, asking the family to stay quiet. But almost immediately chaos ensues, Greg is bitten by the pig, and Dad's call is ruined. They ended up taking the pig to a petting zoo, which makes Manny very upset. Later Greg goes to a vet because of a pig bite. Manny tries to run away three times and is forced to be on a leash. Dad uses cellophane and tape to "fix" the sunroof, but it doesn't hold up for long when a storm breaks out and the handmade sunroof breaks. Mom parks the car in an overpass to rethink their plans over. Mom convinces the rest of the family that because the trip was terrible so far, they will use a method of deciding which way to go for picking things. The method works, and they also get in hot water with a funeral procession, but Mom doesn't want to stop her plan. On the fourth day, they try to figure out where to go, but they have too much places to choose. They ended up going on their way to the beach, but a seagull flies into the car, and in the ensuing chaos they rear-end a car on the bridge and break their car's
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