Diary Of A Young Girl As A Diary

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There are many forms of art, and the best one to describe successfully a historical event is writing. Diary of a Young Girl is a diary which 13 year old Anne Frank kept for two years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in WWII. Today, her diary still remains extremely relevant to the historical background of Jewish people during the Holocaust; not only because of Anne 's experiences in hiding, but because of the honest and unvarnished way that she describes the universal struggle of simply being a young person. Any modern teenager, even 80 years after the start of the Holocaust, can identify with Anne and what makes her diary so special is the fact that she thought just like any modern teenager, so we can say it’s something that cannot be negatively affected by time. ”Everyone here is still very tense. Pim has nearly reached boiling point; Mrs Van D is lying in bed with a cold, grumbling; Mr Van D is growing pale without his cigarettes; Dussel, who 's having to give up many of his comforts, is carping at everyone; We seem to have run out of luck lately. The toilet 's leaking, and the tap 's stuck.” As we can see the register is the one that everyone would use to describe a normal family situation, but the content is what gives us the idea of how they used to face their situation during the oppression. And nothing could be more useful than a direct “live” deposition of what was going on in people’s mind, and this would definitely take the “Interpretation error” off
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