What Makes People Selfish

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People are not good at heart, even when people nice or caring, they still do things that are mean. People are constantly being rude, and selfish, because they want to be right, alternitivly of nice. People do horrible things because they are so self centered and don’t want to help anyone else. People are also always blaming things on other people, to make themselves look better, or smarter. People often only do nice things to get something, or make people feel better after they have done something wrong. All throughout the novel, Diary of Anne Frank, and in our current world people are doing awful, and selfish things because they are not good at heart. People constantly find themselves in lousy situations, or with a problem. The first option that they tend to do is to blame their…show more content…
People don’t think about their actions and how they affect other people around them. Mr. Van Daan is a large man, and oftentimes hungry. He gets so hungry that he feels that he must steal food from the kitchen. “I’m hungry!” he explained. Mr. Van Daan does not admit he is wrong until a fight goes on. Mr. Van Daan just shows that he is selfish because he decides to steal even when he knows that the children are hungry too. Mr. Dussel loves to do a lot of rude and self centered things. He is very impatient when it comes to his room, that he shares, and that is pretty self centered. “Will you please let me in my room!”. Mr. Dussel is constantly in his room, and when he isn’t he is being selfish by not thinking that other people also use that room. Mr. Van Daan has a smoking problem. He would do anything to get a cigar. He even sold his wife’s fur coat for money to buy some. “It should fetch a good price, and by the way, will you buy me some cigarettes?”. Mr. Van Daan gave the coat to Miep, and his own wife was filled with sadness. People are always making actions that benefit them, but not other people just like they do in the
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