Diary Of Anne Frank: Comparing The Book And Movie

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The Diary of Anne Frank is the story of a girl and her family's hiding. The Holocaust was when Adolf Hitler took over the Jewish population along with gypsies and the disabled. In the play and the movie, I saw two major differences. The first difference I noticed was the relationship between Anne & Petar developing. The second difference was the scene with the Green Police and thief. The Diary of Anne Frank is a very detailed story of what went on during her stay, I am going to explain the difference between events in the book and the movie based on her diary. The first difference is Anne and Petar's relationship, in the book Petar is more closed off and quite about things. In the beginning, Petar didn't really show feelings for anyone, nor did he share what he was feeling. Whereas Anne showed feelings for Petar and initiated things more often. Then as their relationship became closer Petar and Anne talked about things more freely. Sometimes Petar would ignore Anne, but one time Anne just went for it and kissed him. In the movie, the scenario was different. In the beginning, Petar was showing feelings for Margot and not really socializing with Anne, this went on for a…show more content…
They were celebrating Hanukkah when they heard a noise below them, Anne, Mr. Frank, and Petar went to investigate. The thief heard them coming and went outside to tell the Green Police. Then Mr. Frank, Anne, and Petar rush back up the ladder when they hear people coming in. Everyone is being very silent and hiding from the light through the bookcase as much as they can. The cat is now on the counter messing with a dish on the edge of the sink, it falls in and makes a loud crash sound. The Green Police get very suspicious and start looking at the bookshelf. The Mouschi meows and the Green Police start laughing thinking it was just a cat noise from outside that the thief was hearing. After that, they continue celebrating Hanukkah once the Green police
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